A Kind Person Found My Hat

Friday’s long walk all around Schoenberg resulted in my lost knit hat. Too dark when I got back to head out and try to find it. I was disappointed I lost it.


Saturday morning I took a half mug of coffee and retraced my steps. Three blocks away on Eisenacher Strasse, near the Little Witch playground,

I saw my hat hanging from a bush.

Thank you kind person.

I felt fortunate to find it. Made my day.



You might remember this post in November 2015 of the hat being knit Sockhead Hat

(And it has a link to Kelly McClure’s pattern)


5A7D9579-66F7-4E0B-BFC4-70487FF04626Knitters know how long it takes to knit a hat with sock yarn on US size one /2.25mm needles. And traveling in November you need a warm hat.

13 thoughts on “A Kind Person Found My Hat

  1. Doesn’t it feel good to find something that is lost when you think you will never see it again? I am thinking that you were surprised to see your hat. It also feels good to be treated with kindness. Happy Sunday Ruth.

  2. Hooray! How kind of the person who found it to put it in a place that would be easily seen. I’m so glad you found it!

  3. It takes a LONG time to make a hat like that! And losing something you have invested so much of your energy is tough. too. I’m glad it was found!

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