Temporary Camping at the Apple Store in Berlin

Ben H. Challenged WordPress bloggers to show a photo that illustrates Temporary

The other day we walked by the Apple Store on Kurfürstendamm Straße in Berlin.
People camped out waiting for the release of the new iPhone X

Temporary living conditions

26 thoughts on “Temporary Camping at the Apple Store in Berlin

    • I Won’t be out photographing Black Friday that’s got fire. We we’re just walking and came upon these people.

  1. Funny how humans get obsessed with objects. Remember the clamor over Cabbage Patch dolls? We have a few around somewhere. I admit appreciation for 1955 Chevies and Vintage Harleys. Underlying personification I am sure.

  2. No phone worth camping out anywhere! Guess I’m not obsessed. Good illustration of temporary!

  3. No phone worth camping on a sidewalk. I guess i’m Not obsessed. Good photos of temporary.

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