15 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves in Berlin

  1. What a great Fall theme. The leaves are so colorful here around HP too. The orange and red seem especially brilliant. Hope they are still on the trees when you return. I am sure you will get some fantastic photos. I am always reminded of the Allegheny National Forrest in the Fall. You can see entire hills and valleys from certain vantage points. Do you remember a cereal called Trix? Each round piece was a different bright color. Looking into a big bowl of Trix always reminded me of certain hils in the forrest. Cereal and fall folage….pretty crazy connection, huh? I love imagery and the thoughts it provokes. That is why I always enjoy your photos. Thanks Ruth.

  2. I always love the turning of the seasons! I grew up in Maryland(the north) and we experienced all four seasons. Now I live in Georgia (the south) were it mostly green and brown and hot. Fall escapes us. I love to travel, drive up the coast or into the mountains to watch the turning of the leaves. Your pictures allowed me to enjoy Fall seated on my couch.

    Thanks Robert

  3. The wrapped candy on the Maple Leaf has camouflaged itself in a fall color.
    I miss the crunch of the fall leaves. We are heading to N. Carolina for a brief visit and I am hoping for the fall smells and crisp air.

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