Potsdamer Platz Market- Men at Work

Thursday I was photographing some food items for a Things to Eat in Berlin Gallery.

When I saw the wurst stand I went up and asked if it was okay to take a picture.

My plan was to snap the big pile of wurst on the grill. But suddenly I had some generous posing chefs.

Here is photo one


And oops, I realized the man on the left in the photo below  wasn’t in my frame and he was standing with a wurst, too.  Do over!

I took another shot to include him and suddenly a photo bomb appears behind the three men.


Thank you,  gentlemen. You made my day!


8 thoughts on “Potsdamer Platz Market- Men at Work

  1. A perfect example of a food native to Germany. Looks good even at 2:30 AM here. The gentleman on the right look like father/son. I wonder?

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