Deep Cleaning Closet Yield

Found this newspaper page from June 17,1966 today. Our eighth grade class.

My Grandmother’s High School Class 1904 picture, too.

I’m tackling a closet which had a few random treasures in the miscellaneous.

What sensible person holds onto this stuff?

Happy Birthday to my Dear Longtime Friend with much love. I hope you’re reading the blog today.

(Seriously longtime. We were in Mrs. Stewart’s class when news broke of JFK’s assassination. I remember Miss McCarthy crying in the hall).

But I figure you prefer anonymity so you know who you are.

“We were so much older then, we’re younger than that now”

Happy Birthday to my Cherished Friend

My maternal grandmother, Charlotte Rowley- bottom right

And in my mother’s handwriting -the names of the 1904 Durand High School class, Durand Illinois. Mr. Greenough didn’t get a first name?

15 thoughts on “Deep Cleaning Closet Yield

  1. Wonderful photos, Ruth! Your maternal grandmother was beautiful. I agree – the dresses are lovely. The class photo is another keepsake. I was in college – at Duquesne – when JFK was assassinated. Such a terrible day!


  2. Where would we be without clues to our memories? Your photos bring back many good moments. MY BACK PAGES…Bob Dylan…I can hear the BYRDS cover in my head right now. I am sure it will be with me all day. Re: holding on to stuff. As an example; I have two mirrors, used sprockets, and “ONE” foot peg from a 1970 Suzuki motorcycle and so much more. Seems very sensible to me. I graduated from St. Joseph’s High School in My.Oliver in1966. Where are the values of the 60s ? You know. Peace and Love. Seems so distant now. Still we keep on trying do we not?

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  3. What a treasure trove!
    I’m doing a similar deep cleaning of paper, but have found very few treasures in the mountain of stuff I’ve shredded. My family will thank me some day, though, for separating the ‘wheat from the chaff’…

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  4. Hi Ruth! I was just wondering if you’ve come across any other information on Ethel Holverson. My great great grandmother has the same name and might have been in the same area, I’m just trying to figure out if the picture is her. Thank you!

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