Something About Trains

Little boys love trains. It was fun going to experience the model trains through Charlie’s eyes.

“There are five miniature trains running on 280 feet of track.”

Monday morning, Laura and Charlie and I went to the Columbus Main Library downtown to see the Huntington Holiday Train Display.

The train display is a tradition since 1992 built by Paul Busse. He created all the buildings with moss, seeds, pine cones, bark and natural plant materials

The setting is Bavaria in Germany, buildings patterned after Rothenburg and Bernkastel- the Frauenkirche Cathedral is one in Dresden- Columbus Sister City. You might recognize Mad Ludwig’s castle.

in the Children’s Library there is a wonderful aquarium.

17 thoughts on “Something About Trains

  1. Trains played a huge part of my childhood Christmas celebrations. My dad and brother spent weeks planning and taking over the living room with a huge display . Guests could barely open the front door. Thanks for the memories, Ruth.

    • Awww. I’m thinking of you Deb. Thanks for sharing your memories of childhood Trains with your brother and dad.

  2. Charlie, you made our morning bright. We can sense your awe and excitement. We are smiling now. You bring back fond memories of our children and fun with our grandchildren. Laura and Ruth thank you for sharing this experience. Charlie is truly a delightful youngster.

  3. Such a wonderful experience! Boys do love trains! Happy to see that Charlie is enjoying all the magic of Christmas! He warms our hearts! 🚂

  4. Like Charlie, I love trains and still have the one bought for my sister and I in 1939 – it still runs and whistles. I will be visiting the display at the Carnegie Science center soon.

  5. This is so delightful… makes me want to drive to Columbus to see it myself!
    Yes – girls love trains too!! I remember one Christmas when my brother and I shared a train-set Christmas gift from Santa! Thanks for sharing…

  6. That is quite a display! I love seeing the pictures of Charlie from the back – what an active, loving child. SO cute!

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