He Didn’t Eat a Single Candy While Decorating

Guess they didn’t look like food to him? When he placed a gummi pineapple shape on the gingerbread house he said “I put on the vegetable.”

Laura whipped up some royal icing and put this kit together. Charlie (almost 2 1/2) helped.

Last night I helped Maura put together a gingerbread Starbucks Cafe. It collapsed and then we fortified it and propped it with glassware and coffee mugs. The second load of frosting worked like glue. Unfortunately, I didn’t photograph it.

Over the years, my friend Joanne has baked and decorated elaborate gingerbread houses from scratch. I baked a Church one year (1987) with melted lifesavers for stained glass windows and never again. I used to watch eager third graders make little graham cracker houses on empty milk cartons at school. Helped fish out milk cartons and rinse them, drain on a rack.

Little gingerbread houses appeal to me but I need to practice. Charlie loved the result!

11 thoughts on “He Didn’t Eat a Single Candy While Decorating

  1. What fun. Charlie’s smile brings Christmas joy to us. Laura’s smile does as well. Always good to see happiness in a family. PPG has a Santas From Around The World exhibit. Beside the life size Santas, it includes many, many ginger bread houses created by children and a few trains. We are thinking that Charlie may like seeing it if he gets to Pittsburgh over the holidays.

  2. Charlie’s gingerbread house is a mini-masterpiece and Charlie looks very happy with his work. Ahhh, the joys of Christmas!

  3. This is a lovely gingerbread house!! Such fun! Happy mom and son memories, for sure. I can’t believe Charlie didn’t eat any of the decorations! I always do!

  4. Thank you for documenting the process. I enjoyed / marveled at Charlie’s patience. Delightful holiday activity.

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