Up a Tree

How fortunate my neighbors scheduled their trees to be trimmed,

The branches were growing into the side of their house.

After Steve moved the cars out of the garage and onto the street, I thought to myself- “hmmmm- People at Work, right in my driveway!”  Perfect for an interesting photo shoot.  Andrew agreed to allow me to photograph him working. You should see those spikes that help him climb up the tree.  Takes a lot of skill and care.  You have to know what you are doing. Ascend is the word of the week, showing upward movement.

Meet Andrew.  I shot this with the 70-200 Lens.







Throwing down a branch he cut


13 thoughts on “Up a Tree

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  2. We have watched trees being cut down from behind our home. We learned from our experience that these men appreciate the challenge of their job. Add courage to the need for skill. It is obvoius to us that this man enjoys his work.

  3. Definitely a combination of skills and physical strength- and the challenge of December temperatures to kick up the excitement.

  4. I think people who trim or take down trees are amazing. It is dangerous work but they seem to take it in stride.

  5. This guys my best friend and he loves everything about his job. He loves what he does and he is extremely happy to have found his calling! Awesome pictures!

    • Thanks for writing such a nice comment. Andrew was a terrific subject for my People at Work project. You can tell he enjoys his work.

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