Samson and the Snowflakes

Guest Blogger Kim Teeple (my daughter’s sister-in-law) got a new DSLR camera.

She posted this photograph on her Facebook page and her brother James (my son-in-law) thought it would be a perfect guest blog.  I agree.


“Our 9 year old Husky mix, Samson, loves the snow. I captured him with my new Canon Rebel T6 at a rare moment when he decided to stay in one spot. It was a cold snowy day in early January, 2018 at our home in Mansfield, Ohio. For 2018, my husband, Jeff, and I resolved to learn photography for our future of traveling North America in our KZ Venom Fifth Wheel. . Follow along on our travels at to watch our budding skills improve.”

Image Info:

Canon EOS Rebel T6

300 mm – 1/500 – F-1.0 – ISO 2000

Samson and the Snowflakes-RuthEH Blog-Jan2018

Kim S Teeple

BIO:   App developer for Vitro – La Compañia del Vidrio. Loves camping, rockets, and the planet Mars. Is learning to take beautiful photographs for her travel blog.


Note from Ruth:  If you’ve ever tried to photograph a dog with black fur you will appreciate how good this photo is.



12 thoughts on “Samson and the Snowflakes

  1. Samson is a great looking dog. His bright blue eyes are mesmerizing. He is definitely focused. Mrs.Teeple’s road trips sound great. We like to travel the back roads to see different towns and people and scenery. I would like to suggest a book entitled “Blue Highways” by William Least Heat-Moon. It is more Steinbeck than Kerouac.

  2. An excellent photo indeed! Having previously been a parent to two back pups, I can attest to how difficult it is to get a good picture of them!

    • I can hear a children’s book title in the names of your shaggy two- “What are Flora and George Up To Today?”

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