Photos Showing Growth

GROWTH– the Weekly Photo Challenge

And the grandchildren have grown even more since these photos were taken.

Except maybe Jack holding his Christmas present from his Grandma Marlene.  She takes the year of photos and creates a hardcover book for each grandchild. She makes one for the family, too, which is really nice to have the hard copies instead of a picture on a computer or phone.  A good way to document growth from year to year.



17 thoughts on “Photos Showing Growth

  1. Ruth – this is deeply a very beautiful post – you made me have tears. I remembered back when I was a baby and my grandparents would cherish every moment. I can;t wait to be grandfather…This is the best gift!!

  2. What beautiful and handsome grandchildren you have Ruth E. It is definitely fun watching them grow up.

  3. Thanks for sharing such wonderful memories. My brother in law has measurements on a wall, they paint around!

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  5. We always kept a birthday growth chart on our kitchen door jamb. I painted over it last year. The last pencil mark was from over 30 years ago when Annie left home for college. Joe, of course, was long gone by then. My father did the same in our home. There were six of us born within a 10 year span. The door jamb was crowded with dates and growth marks. Marlene’s yearly gift is unique and a labor of love. It requires thought and time which makes it special. We love seeing pictures of your children. Their lively smiles bring warmth and joy to our aging hearts.

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