Little Knit Cactus

When you get a request from your granddaughter for a knitted item, you try to oblige. Within reason of course. -I’m thinking “a hat, mittens, a scarf……”

“Could you make me a knitted cactus?” Anna asked.


I didn’t know there was such a thing. Thanks to Pinterest spreading the word, succulents, knitted, crocheted and stitched are a trend.

Mine looks different from the pattern by Lucille Randall. (which is free on Ravelry)

Might need more stuffing.  Also I need my friend Donna or FF Marlene to help crochet a better flower.  I followed the directions but it seems knitting is my stronger skill for sure.

When I started.  I used DPNs size one.  When I was telling my knitting friend, I had a flashback to a knit cactus I saw a couple of years ago at Hill Country Weavers in Austin, Texas. We were in line to check out and there it sat. Never thought another thing about it until now and I’d taken a quick phone photo.

Thanks for the Dream in Color Handpainted yarn, Molly. AND for finding that skein of Kidsilk Haze in the Jelly color.  Unbelievable.

21 thoughts on “Little Knit Cactus

  1. Way cool 🙂 I need one, no more pricklies in my fingers, and never need to water, no cactus mites either 😉 Wouldn’t be able to distill agave though {hic-up} 😉

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  3. Kind of an odd trend. That said, I think your knitted cactus is adorable! I would totally use them to adorn my home (and office). Very low maintenance. 🙂

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