Lunar New Year Literary Awards – Guest Blog

Guest blog photo today by Outis* on IRT

(“The Interborough Rapid Transit Company (IRT) was the private operator of the original underground New York City Subway line that opened in 1904, as well as earlier elevated railways and additional rapid transit lines in New York City.”) Wikipedia

Outis’ title of his image is the newspaper’s headline.

Thank you Outis for your eye catching photo! Nice.

*”Outis (transliteration of Ancient Greek Οὖτις, in capitals ΟΥΤΙΣ, from οὔτις “nobody” or “no one”) is an often used pseudonym. Artists, writers and others in public life use this pseudonym in order to hide their identity” Wikipedia

5 thoughts on “Lunar New Year Literary Awards – Guest Blog

  1. Reminds me of my father who read the newspaper word for word daily. New Yorkers get it. Subways are great people movers. I think there is a new line along Lex. They were working on it when we stayed there. It is finished now. Start with my father (Brooklyn), our son and his family (Manhattan), and other great people (Brooklyn.) Wonder who? You know don’t you? Got to love em all.

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