Late Afternoon Walk in the Sun

We took a late afternoon walk in the sun today. Penny was excited to take a walk. Maura found a book in the Little Free Library on the corner.

Charlie wore his ski goggles. He held up his baby to show him the fully visible moon.

We cut down the alley and saw some signs of bulbs sprouting through the earth. Charlie looked back to make sure I was coming, too. I was gawking and shooting a few snaps on the phone, capturing the sun we haven’t seen in such a long time. It was chilly in the shade.

We’ve still got to get through the month of March and it’s been known to snow but I could feel a respite from winter today.

12 thoughts on “Late Afternoon Walk in the Sun

  1. Yes, March is still ahead of us, but the longer days and the sun rays getting warmer we can hope for the spring to arrive on time this year. I am fascinated by the little library in your neighbourhood. Is this idea fairly widespread? Thanks, Ruth, for a very lovely post!

  2. Your photos tell the story of a fantastic day with family. Charlie with his goggles makes us smile. Sunshine aside children brighten our day.

  3. Oh Ruth – what precious images. Incredible. What amazing gifts you are giving your family – the gift of memories.

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