Dueling Grilled Cheese

Lunch on Friday afternoon in Ohio. Granddaughters Anna and Maura each made a grilled cheese sandwich, plated them with a garnish of fruit and served the sandwiches to me.

I was to eat half of each and cast my vote for the winner. Yikes. Anna’s wasn’t quite as grilled as Maura’s but she used garlic butter and that was unexpected and delicious. Maura’s was thicker with cheese and toasted nicely. Mmmmmm. I ate a half of each but I declared it a tie. They said my verdict wasn’t allowed. It was not quite Iron Chef but it was fun. They kept jockeying the plates so I’d sample their efforts first. Anna selected her dad’s favorite mug to serve the oj. Nice touch. I loved them both and it was a great lunch.

12 thoughts on “Dueling Grilled Cheese

  1. I enjoy the crunch of the grilled bread and the aroma remaining in the kitchen. Iron Chefs II great idea.

  2. Your diplomacy was absolutely shining on this one. We love grilled cheese so both look fantastic to us. I like it with Tomato soup. I will share a family secret. After the sandwich is grilled peel back once slice of bread and spread a little jelly on it then close. Maybe it is an acquired taste but it is a real winner in our book.

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