11 thoughts on “A Few More Random Runners

  1. Wow! Yes, those runners look great! It’s hard to believe that those people have already gone 20 miles!!! When I was on the cross country team at Oliver High School on the North Side of Pittsburgh way back in 1962, ’63 and ’64, we only ran about 5 miles per day, and the cross country races were only about 3-and-a-half miles long. And we looked a lot worse for wear at the end of a cross country race than the runners in those photos! Of course, the design and quality of running shoes has improved dramatically since then, with much better cushioning and numerous other technological improvements:

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    • Thanks Ken. I’m going to check out the history of the running shoe, thanks. I was unable to get a picture but one man said it was his 29th marathon. I can’t even imagine.


  2. I love the ones who smile at you and give you a “thumbs up” (or better yet, a pose!). I was surprised to see a pacer for 6:30, though – most races I have seen time out at 5:30.

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