Our Parents

My Father’s Day post.

Here’s a photo of our parents, Roy and Marian Hendricks. Dad is holding my sister.

My parents didn’t own a camera so a family friend must have taken this picture.

B159F56B-F44A-4F90-B328-9ACCB137EFCBThis lovely photo is in one of those awful sticky photo albums. Ugh. There must be a way to remove the photo without damaging it. Any clue?


8 thoughts on “Our Parents

  1. Great pictures! I love pics like these, I’m guessing before I was born.
    I wouldn’t try to remove the sticky stuff, why not re-print the pics you’ve posted here?

  2. I love these old photos of your parents. Their smiles are still bringing joy to you after all these years. As to the stickiness of your photos try steam to get the photos undamaged out of the album. That might work, Ruth.

  3. To add to Peter’s suggestion– practice on a photo page that has no sentimental value. We have a “few” of those albums, too, and I wonder about salvaging my favorites.

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