Urban Madonna

This urban madonna is in the Lawrenceville neighborhood. I was dropping off a People at Work Show invitation to one of the men whose portrait will be exhibited. I had to park on a side street as there was a huge Road Closed sign on Butler Street. I parked, crossed  the street and saw the white angels and Mary statue right in front of me. This city yard so tidy and green with lots of blessings from all the holy statues, indoors and out.



11 thoughts on “Urban Madonna

  1. It is always a surprise to see your photos – lovely surprise! Your exhibition sounds great Ruth! Wish I could attend 🙂

    • Thank you Rainee. Towards the end of July I hope to post the show online. Yes, it would be lovely if you could come.

  2. when is the show?

    and cool image – a while ago I was in Western New York and stumbled on a small virgin Mary in the a front yard (much smaller than yours here) and what struck me was that I had just visited a Basilica and the contrast was great

    • I have a lot of Mary statues I’ve photographed in the city. I’d love to see the grottos. Thank you for your good words today.

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