Pittsburgh Streetcar #1724 at the Heinz History Center

In a week’s time I hosted Charlie and Laura and then Michael,Jack and Maura.

The streetcar parked in the Heinz History Center lobby was a big hit with all the grandchildren

Charlie driving the streetcar

Jack at the controls.

Pittsburgh Streetcars on Northside Routes

YouTube video


13 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Streetcar #1724 at the Heinz History Center

  1. I used to ride the 77/54. Sometimes from Mt. Oliver. I also rode it from Mt. Washington Junction to PITT in Oakland in my college years. I miss them.

    Starting in Brentwood, the streetcar passed through Carrick and the South Side, crossed the 22nd Street Bridge, and traveled to Oakland, Bloomfield and the Strip District before crossing the 16th Street Bridge to reach the end of the route on the North Side of Pittsburgh.

  2. I road those streetcars going from squirrel hill to oakland to visit doctors and dentists. As a young driver I was very happy when they took the tracks out.

  3. I, too, road those street cars. I have a vivid memory of being with my mother in Oakland waiting for a street car to return home. We were standing on a concrete island in the middle of the road on Fifth Avenue and it was very cold and windy. I was about six years old. My mother opened her coat, tucked me inside and wrapped her coat around me. I can still remember how it felt to be wrapped inside my mother’s coat waiting for a street car.

  4. Okay Vincie…I need to reply to you because our mother used to wrap us in her coat while we waited for the bus on cold days. I remember the feeling too. Don’t you just miss it?

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