So Long Ohio

Charlie’s face says it all. Again. Maura is my guest blogger today. Friday morning she took this photo with my phone as we backed into the driveway, saying so long to cousin Charlie. I drove Maura back to her house and then I left for Pittsburgh. We had a nice time together and it’s always hard to say goodbye.

20 thoughts on “So Long Ohio

  1. Our grandchildren are sad when we part. Their Grammie sings Happy Trails to You (unttil we meet again ). Remember Roy Rogers/Dale Evans. It works. We all smile. Maybe it will work for you.

  2. Leaving our new grandson for the first time will be the hardest . I was finally able to leave his parents at the airport without tears but feel that’s about to change! No plans to leave 1 day old Dylan yet.

  3. Poor buddy. 🙁 But at least you know he had a great time. Better to leave wanting more than overstaying a visit.

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