Knitting in Nebraska

Thursday I arrived in Omaha.  After lunch my friend Joanne took me to a couple of local yarn shops. I like to buy souvenir yarn from places I visit, usually a single skein of local sock yarn.

I got in the peacock pen to photograph the skein of Acid Peacock yarn by One Twisted Tree at  ImagiKnit.

Today at her friend’s farm and I tried to take a photo of the yarn AND the peacock.  You can see the focusing issues I experienced.

Joanne took the next four photos. A trunkful of yarn. Hotel morning selfie she took with her timer on. Me coming out of the peacock pen.

Photo by Joanne

14 thoughts on “Knitting in Nebraska

  1. Yesterday I purchased wild turquoise tennis shoes; that remind me of the peacock and the yarn. However, I am staying clear of the pen.

    • Stash just in two bins, Gilly. Not as much as you think. I buy single skeins of sock yarn when I travel and knit them up as fast as I can. I did get 4 colors to knit up a Batman hat for Charlie, also. I try to buy for specific projects.

  2. My sister in law and my daughters love to visit yarn stores and book stores when they travel. Their luggage is always much heavier on the return trip.

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