Knitting Cruise Invitation

Last January I was watching Arne and Carlos on their YouTube channel and they said come with us a journey like no other. See our beautiful Norwegian coast, warmed by the Gulf Stream waters.
I told my sister about it and she encouraged me to sign on immediately. I listened!
And I am so happy I did.
Norway is magnificent. Arne and Carlos are excellent hosts, making time to speak with everyone.
What a beautiful journey, exactly as promised. I came by myself but was fortunate when I opted for a roommate and got one so compatible. I’ve met knitters from Scotland, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, Germany and Norway and Arizona, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Wisconsin to name a few.
Here we are with Arne and Carlos with my knitting cruise cabin roommate
If you’re a knitter you might already know of Arne and Carlos– their books ( in at least a dozen languages), their blog, patterns, tutorials, and their informative Q and A segments filmed from their restored railway station surrounded by lush gardens with thousands of plants. High up on a Norwegian mountainside. Nestled in the mountain next up a crystal clear lake, they live, design and create while inspiring thousands around the world to find their own creative spirit within themselves.
Perhaps you remember their sock yarn (Regia)that instructs you by change of yarn color- when to stop ribbing and knit the foot heel or toe.
They also have a video the called the easiest sock in the world. It’s true!

Be sure to check out their latest New Nordic with ROWAN

17 thoughts on “Knitting Cruise Invitation

  1. What a wonderful idea, engaging in one of your favorite actuaries while seeing the world. I’m so happy for you.

  2. Joyful narrative !
    From watching that initial post in July- They are taller than I thought they would be.

      • Arne and Carlos have some beautiful crochet patterns in their books but don’t offer a crochet cruise but I bet someone does, somewhere

  3. Rowan! That’s a blast from the past. I must dig out my Rowan patterns. Carpal tunnel has more or less put paid to my knitting days (and was likely caused by them) but looking at knitting patterns is still a joy. Sounds like a great holiday xx

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