I’d rather be…..

I’d rather be……40694583561_ce12afcafa_k (1)

Knitting, of course.   The Weekly Photo Challenge created by Krista Stevens 

“How would you fill in the blank?”    I’d Rather Be…

If given the choice, what would you rather be doing, right now?

So many possibilities.

I was knitting at a friend’s home, Finishing up these PairPerfect Socks.  The Regia yarn 75% wool 25% nylon designed by Arne and Carlos is dyed so it turns out looking like you really did something fancy.  You get two identical socks, knit from the top down.  When the colors change, you go on to the next step.  It falls into almost mindless knitting category.

30 thoughts on “I’d rather be…..

    • I’ve knit a lot more since I’m retired but I’m no speed knitter. I think I knit more in winter. Knitting helps relieve my anxiety so I’m drawn to doing it. Thanks Gilly.

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    • Yes it’s satisfying, Jo. It’s hard to do all you’d like to do. I’ve tried audiobooks cause it cuts into reading time.

  2. Sitting at a ballgame of course! Or maybe playing with my grand children. I think the latter would win out for sure!

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