Before the snow began

It just takes some getting used to. The new season. It changed this morning. We like the changing seasons, right?

This chilly icy, now tonight, snowy weather.

So hard on the trees, though. The driving.

Getting cozy by adding covers, readying for hibernation, thinking about making pots of chili, soup. Boiling the kettle for tea. Oh yes, keep on knitting a wooly sweater.


10 thoughts on “Before the snow began

  1. Exactly what I’m about to run away from, Ruth 🙂 🙂 Last night I sat with my Mam’s old knitting box on my knee and wondered what I could salvage. If you were closer…

  2. Sipping tea. What a great idea! It snowed over 3 inches here in Philly. I wasn’t prepared of course.

  3. Winter arrived here in Minnesota a few weeks ago. We’ve had some snow, but not a lot. But the temps, oh, the temps. Six degrees Monday morning was just way too cold for early November. This looks to be a long winter. Snow is in the forecast for here later today. Sigh.

  4. I know exactly how you feel! We just had our third significant snow storm since September and rather than go out and shovel, again, I started reading a book I had just acquired, and didn’t resurface until… well a few hours later, because then I really did have to go out and shovel walks while hubby plowed the drive way. I can hardly wait until we start our migration south…

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