Peace, Love, Knit- An Early Gift

An early Christmas gift, created by Marlene (my DIL’s mom-we share four grandchildren). This year she and her husband hosted Thanksgiving Weekend in Hardy, Virginia.

Know you’ve seen me on the blog more times this week than the rest of the entire year but I wanted to show you her thoughtful and creative gift. Marlene’s Cricut machine skills are amazing. She purchases and downloads an SVG file from the computer, cuts it out of different colored vinyls, centers it, then uses a special machine to press it on thoroughly. I love how she made the heart a sparkly red.

Marlene knows I enjoy knitting so this design* was perfect.

Thanks Marlene. I can’t wait to wear it.

Photographed by Erika

*About the design- It’s from an Etsy Shop specializing in SVG files- Sammo from Vicksburg, Michigan

10 thoughts on “Peace, Love, Knit- An Early Gift

  1. So cool Ruth. Peace and love reminds us of our high school and college days in the 60s. Add knitting and all symbols together make us think of you.

  2. Love it! Wouldn’t it be great if we could all be peaceful,,loving and knitters for
    Winter !!! XOXO

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