I don’t think I’m superstitious but…

I don’t think I’m superstitious but…. guess what?  When I saw the horseshoe embedded into this cement sidewalk in Wilkinsburg, I felt lucky.  Like it was a good sign.

So if I am not superstitious, why would I get a sense of this symbol as being fortunate?  Why are horseshoes considered symbols of good luck   Here is one article I found on the subject   

I heard if you hang a horseshoe you were to have it look like a U so the luck didn’t run out!

Do you walk under ladders? Do you open an umbrella in the house?  Do you throw a pinch of spilled salt over your shoulder? Do you kiss bread before disposing of it if necessary?  If a black cat walked in front of your path, would you worry? Do you knock on wood?

Just thinking about whether or not these things come to mind and do I react differently of just chalk it up to imaginary?

11 thoughts on “I don’t think I’m superstitious but…

  1. Hi Ruth, look at your second photo and find the line on the cement sidewalk. When I was a kid, the cement sidewalks have these indent lines every so many feet. We were told not to step on them, but over them. I don’t know why, but I find myself still doing it… <3

    • “If you step on a crack
      You break your mother’s back” What an awful thought.
      That was a verse kids said when I was growing up.

      • OH, Ruth, I was not told of the reason. Yes, that’s an awful thought, no wonder I found myself making some shorter or longer steps to avoid the crack.

  2. horseshoe in Simple Gematria equals: 112/22/4/2/1

    What does 2 to 1 odds mean?

    “Odds on” is the opposite of “odds against”. It means that the event is more likely to happen than not. This is sometimes expressed with the smaller number first (1 to 2) but more often using the word “on” (“2 to 1 on”), meaning that the event is twice as likely to happen as not.

    Odds – Wikipedia


  3. I don’t think I’m superstitious but I’m sure there are things I do that I’m not aware of. Hmmmm

  4. My mother had a number of them. One that comes to mind is that if the palm of your hand itches you will receive money. In my case it seems to have the opposite effect.

  5. My mother had a number of superstions which were passed down from her mother and I expecy comr from Eastern European Folklore. Some are dark so I will not mention them. One I do remember is that when the palm of your hand itches you will receive money. Based on the need for house repairs and a new car and more the opposite hapoened for us over the last year.

  6. I’m “kind of” superstitious. Growing up we owned a black cat, so that is a non-issue for me. (Side note: black animals are the most surrendered to animal shelters, and the least adopted.) I also open umbrellas indoors – how else are they supposed to get dry? But I don’t step under ladders, and I also avoid sidewalk cracks. I note whenever I see a penny on the ground – but I always leave it so that hopefully a little kid can find it. 🙂

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