I don’t think I’m superstitious but…

I don’t think I’m superstitious but…. guess what?  When I saw the horseshoe embedded into this cement sidewalk in Wilkinsburg, I felt lucky.  Like it was a good sign.

So if I am not superstitious, why would I get a sense of this symbol as being fortunate?  Why are horseshoes considered symbols of good luck   Here is one article I found on the subject   

I heard if you hang a horseshoe you were to have it look like a U so the luck didn’t run out!

Do you walk under ladders? Do you open an umbrella in the house?  Do you throw a pinch of spilled salt over your shoulder? Do you kiss bread before disposing of it if necessary?  If a black cat walked in front of your path, would you worry? Do you knock on wood?

Just thinking about whether or not these things come to mind and do I react differently of just chalk it up to imaginary?

A Space Between Hashtags Makes a Huge Difference

…like whether you are considered for a big prize, Doritos. There won’t even be a bag of Cool Ranch for me to send my friend J in Florida. She is the one who gave me the pattern for the tiny sweaters years and years ago.  I really wanted to win!  OOPS.


Here is what I hope for starting Monday, a new week, a new day.

May the new lunar New Year bring me better luck.

So what do you know about hashtags? My wordpress blog has tweeted my posts more than two thousand times.  But is was set on automatic to post on TWITTER and although occasionally they were liked or retweeted I really didn’t know much about how to tweet accurately and effectively. So learned a very hard lesson last night.  If you want a proper link to your TWEET, leave a SPACE between the hashtags.  What do you know about hashtags now?  They are really really important.

Thanks to everyone who viewed and commented and liked and retweeted my entry for the #Doritos #Entry    NOT the #Doritos#Entry- NO SPACE.  Yikes.

It wasn’t until later that my daughter told me that I needed a space between the hashtags.  My friend V had said earlier, read all the rules and do it correctly so you are sure it is out there.  I thought I had.  More than 500 people saw it.  Plenty of you retweeted it  but there was no space between the two hashtag entries.

I kept looking for it on the Doritos feed page on Twitter.  By the time I got the other photo in it was halftime.
Oh well  It was a cute idea and I had fun setting it up and photographing the “family” and it got to me to get out of the house and buy three bags of Doritos.  I was just bummed that although I generated a lot of activity on the tweet, it wasn’t tweeted properly.  I know there are a lot of people who invested in lottery tickets, too, with the fervent hope they would win big!

Thank you dear blog followers

Not the Lottery But Fun to Receive Call Saying You’re a Winner!

Bought two raffle tickets  LAST JANUARY to support one of my student’s effort to fund her People to People Ambassador trip to Australia. They’ve been on my fridge, held by a magnet, for MONTHS!

Thanksgiving night an unknown number appeared on my cell phone. Was everything all right?

Yes, won two tickets to Sunday’s home Steelers Game.          It was unexpected and fun to get the phone call, saying, ” You won!”

(Now if I’m going to win the Mega Millions Lottery around here, I’ll have to actually purchase a lottery ticket one of these days)

Steelers Tickets and the original raffle tix which have been on my fridge door for months!
Steelers Tickets and the original raffle tix which have been on my fridge door for months!