A Tea Wallet

One birthday, my friend Donna mailed me a teabag in a little fabric envelope. Here’s how I learned about another Tea Wallet.

Last week at the NY Public Library, my sister found a murder mystery with knitting on the cover and thought of me. (Yarned and Dangerous by Sadie Hartwell) see cover image below

In the back of the book she said there was a knitting pattern for a Tea Wallet.  I found another Tea Wallet pattern for one by Diane Trap on Ravelry. I knit one for my friend Vincie because I knew she carries her own tea bags in her purse. In a little plastic baggie. Not any more!

I made a modification on the front flap and made it a triangle shape, decreasing at each side.

The quilted knitting motion bag serving as a pretty backdrop for the photo shoot was stitched by my Woolswap partner, Catherine, in New Zealand.

Knit with scraps of organic cotton yarn –Made in America Yarns, the Wildflowers Collection . from Philadelphia

(Modified the front envelope flap- shortened it by half and made a triangle by knitting 2 together on edges while in one row BO 3 then next row CO 3 to create a button hole.)

These were photographed vertically on my phone and I attempted to adjust them on the computer before publishing. And of course they look perfectly aligned and oriented to me but I can’t tell if I’ve gotten them correct for some viewers.  Trying

21 thoughts on “A Tea Wallet

  1. These tea wallets are so cute – although twinnings tea is one of my least favorite brands for bagged teas—
    Just feel like they add questionable flavor enhancers –
    Anyhow – good use of scrap yarn too

    • I made a blanket out of that yarn with two other colors a couple of years ago. Leftovers. Very soft. I don’t like flavored teas or coffees

  2. Never heard of a tea wallet. The tea culture is lost to the ages in my case. Most importantly it was so good of you to think of Vincie. She is a good person for sure.

  3. Such an interesting post! Never heard of tea wallets. Love the color of the green wool …… like green tea???:-)
    And the mystery from the NYPublic Library! full of fun stuff!!!! What are the names of those Library Lions again??

  4. I have never heard of a tea wallet before – but it’s super cute! As for good pre-bagged teas, I’m a fan of Mighty Leaf and Two Leaves and a Bud. Basically, any tea that comes in a pyramid pouch is generally pretty tasty. 🙂

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