Cafe 412 in the West End

Cafe 412 in the West End  400 S. Main Street Pittsburgh

I was on my way back from Ohio last Tuesday and stopped in the West End. I was picking up a print to donate to the National Kidney Association Gala  printed by Tom Underiner at Pixel River Images

Grilled Cheddar and Swiss on Sourdough / English Breakfast Tea and a splash of milk  So good! Winter comfort food.

Famous Pittsburghers  on the wall Sipping Coffee or Tea  Gain fifty pounds catching a selfie in the Espresso Machine


Looking out onto Main Street from our window table.  Looking forward to returning soon. It was very good.

7 thoughts on “Cafe 412 in the West End

  1. Ruth, your photos are so good. This really brings back memories. We lived in the West End untIl I was 5 years old. We lived in an apt in the Dacar Chemical building while my father worked for them. It is on McCartney Street. It is still there. Our family MD was on Main Street. I drove through the area not long ago. I was glad to see that the Old Stone Tavern building was still there too. I do not think that it is in use and I heard that it was going to be torn down. Not so, at least for now. Maybe this coffe shop is a sign of revitalization. I hope so. Thanks Ruth. Probably more than you need to hear in this format. Reminiscing is fun for me especially as I age. I cannot seem to help myself. Enjoy the sunshine today.

  2. Grilled cheese is the ultimate comfort food accompanied by a bowl of steaming tomato soup.

    The light in those sandwich pix is perfect. Makes for one happy photographer and excellent image.

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