I didn’t even know who Mercy Watson was Until Last Week

Mercy Watson books have been checked out of the Columbus Public Library and are now at  home with my grandson Charlie, 3 1/2.

I’d never heard of the existence of Mercy Watson prior to last week’s Ohio visit.  Charlie has always liked his soft pig toy and  has a small pig on the kitchen counter where he eats lunch.

Mercy Watson is a pig.   No, edit that statement

Mercy Watson is a porcine wonder.” says Mr and Mrs. Watson

The author is Kate Di Camillo and illustrated by artist Chris Van Dusen 

Seems that ‘buttered toast’ is a favorite of Mercy Watson.

Laura  created a Mercy Watson breakfast for Charlie.

He was adjusting the mouth/cashew.

That is hand squeezed oj accompanying the toast. Mmmmm. 




I should have taken one more shot of the empty breakfast tray. 

a screenshot for the Mercy Watson site

7 thoughts on “I didn’t even know who Mercy Watson was Until Last Week

  1. I will have to check out Mercy Watson for my younger grandkids! I love the toast pictures.

  2. Looks like a fun AM at the Weaver’s household. Fresh OJ- does not get better than that.
    I know DiCamillio’s stories for older kids and appreciate the heads up on Mercy Watson.

    • I’m going to read some of her books now that I’ve been introduced. Watching my daughter be a good mom makes my heart full.

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