Cousins at COSI Columbus

“Internationally renowned architect Arata Isozaki designed the 320,000 square foot building …. ” from COSI website

Jack Maura and Charlie had fun Thursday afternoon at

COSI Columbus Center of Science and Industry

Ordering Milkshakes at the Diner

Jack surveys the Juke Box selections


Learning about sound Singing Fingers App  Specifically- Pitch and Volume

11 thoughts on “Cousins at COSI Columbus

  1. A very impressive building. Columbus has much to offer. Those phone booths are a vanishing species.

    • I told the kids that a number of people used to try to get in a phone booth but maybe I need to find a photo of people crammed in one.

  2. A phone booth with a rotary phone – LOVE IT!

    Also very cute how Maura had to “restrain” Charlie to get him to remain in the picture. 🙂

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