13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Where are the barriers? We have a sinkhole on the corner by our house. We notified the city early last summer. They initially looked, but did nothing except put up barriers and then eventually placed an orange barrel over the hole. Now, some nine plus months later, the hole remains, buried under a mountain of snow. This all started while Randy was mowing lawn and the earth gave way under his feet. Once the snow melts, the city will hear from me. Again.

    • I agree there should be more barriers for this hazard. There was a sign on a tripod that said Road Closed do you think it is sinkhole season? There seem to be a lot of deep holes all over. Hope yours is taken care of too. Oh my.

  2. Yikes! Earlier this winter a pipe burst on our street, and created quite the sight – but not nearly as “impressive” as this!

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