It’s Official- Christmas Comes to Millvale,PA

Just across the river, home of two of my favorite places-Panza Gallery where Mark Panza frames my pictures and makes them shine and Jean-Marc Chatellier’s Bakery, whose excellent brioche  melts in your mouth (not to mention the cakes, the shortbread, the tarts, the cookies, the baguettes, the anything

If this doesn't evoke another time, I dom't know what does!

he bakes).  Saturday night was the Big Love Art Show at Panza’s and as we left to get into the parked car, I saw this scene outside the Millvale Borough Building. Several of the buildings have water line marks from the years the town has flooded.

CMU Campus Lights and Shadows at Night

Waiting for Steve to pick me up in the turnaround, I saw the pattern on the concrete.  I had just viewed Waiting for Superman. I was in a good discussion group after the film.  You can read an editorial piece by Tony Norman from the Post-Gazette my friend V told me about. Lots to think about.  There wasn’t much in it that was hopeful or positive, especially when it comes to public education.  In fact , it was downright depressing to me.There are a ton of reviews at Rotten Tomatoes if you want to see the splats, too…. But getting back to the patterns of light and shadow on the sidewalk while I was waiting for Steve….

Shadow patterns on the concrete from the lights at CMU.
Looked like a good target for a spaceship landing.

Cathedral of Learning Festival of Lights

From the Archives Oct 2008. Pre-blog era.  Artist Lucette de Rugy  created Artlumiere.  See how she transforms the University of Pittsburgh Cathedral of Learning into a a shining tower of lights and patterns.   It was stunning. Always practicing night photography. Capturing available light.

Some car headlights give a clue as to how long the shutter was open.

Classic Corner Drugstore

Received  a comment from Gail yesterday that the triangular building downtown reminded her of Shalit’s Drugstore in Morristown where we went to HS.  So when I saw this corner drugstore tonight on the way home from the All City HS Art Showcase, I stopped to photograph it. Looks like I’m in the middle of traffic. Camera propped against a light pole, cable remote.   Seems the CVS, Eckerds,  Walgreen’s eat up all the independents but this one’s still open in Bloomfield on the corner of Penn Ave and Main St.

Bloomfield Pittsburgh Old Fashioned Drugstore
A busy corner, a block from the new Children's Hospital.

Do You Redd Up Where You Live?

Who uses this Pittsburghese?

for more information about School of Art Billboard(s) click here

10th Street Bypass to Reopen by Morning Rush Hour

The Allegheny River to the right, flowing under the bridges. And leaking onto the road.  This section of road has been in several movies filmed in Pittsburgh. Sunday night so not much traffic. Hopped out at the end of 7th Street Bridge. Caught the roadsigns’ reflection.

Allegheny River Flooding onto 10th St Bypass Pittsburgh
Not deep but flooded with Allegheny River water. Roberto Clemente Bridge on the right.

Winter Night Lights in the City

Days are longer now. Natural light still shining yesterday at 6:30 PM as I drove from school- teachers had to make up time off for the G20 days.  The sunlight through the new library windows so intense it hurt our eyes.  The blinds are on order.   The bright light a welcome change.  Birds chirp in the morning now.  The snowpiles melting. You feel a “lift”.  Wednesday night I drove down Hampton St. and this house on the corner shone like daylight it was so bright.  Unexpected cheery lights

available light shot through a windshield
As a lighthouse beacon for wayfarers traveling city streets at night

Twisters Ice Cream at Night in the City

Coming off the Bloomfield Bridge I took a left to avoid the potholes and discovered Twisters Ice Cream. The dangling cones?  Whoa. Drove around the block.  Haven’t sampled their advertised soft or hard ice cream click on their name for a link to a map and review.

Twisters Ice Cream on Main Street
No parking on Main Street in Bloomfield, so shot from the driver's seat

Icicles Backlit by Low Beams on Josephine St

When I left Tess’s house after Book Club, the snow and streetlights created a dramatic winter scene.  She pointed out the giant icicles on the neighboring house.  Walked to the corner and took a shot but just not enough light to make them interesting.  A car came down the hill. I was able to catch some of the light from their low beams as they backlit the giant icicles that almost touched the ground.( Well, the deep snow covering the ground). The term chiaroscuro surfaces as I look at the shading now, the darkness, the light. An article about the use of it in photography Lighting is All About Chiaroscuro explains what I was trying to achieve with the use of available light.  The car’s lights timing saved the shot.

Caught the light just as the car approached the stop sign.