Another Color Photo Appears Black and White

When the outdoor world seems black and white and gray but your photograph is in color. Everyone has had enough of the cold, snow, ice and dark. They’re ready for crocuses and daffodils bursting through the earth, looking for light.

I’ve photographed this tree before. I always like how the snow defines the branches.

21 thoughts on “Another Color Photo Appears Black and White

  1. Maybe when the snow goes away and it gets a bit warmer color will return to the world.

  2. An outstanding shot. The tree looks majestic. And I really like color photos that appear to be black and white.

  3. So true about gray days. Sometimes, as in your shot, the light makes a grayish day shot remarkable. Nicely done. 😊

  4. This is quite an amazing tree. I thought that groundhog that you wrote about a while ago said winter would be over by now? Shows what he knows, eh? 😉

  5. Nice big tree. I guess that is the best that can be said about this time of year – you can see how big the trees really are.

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