My Brooklyn Boy Knits Pin Arrived in the Mail Today

I’m a fan,

A year or so ago,  my daughter Laura sent me a video on Facebook.  She saw knitting and thought of me.  It was a video of Louis Boria knitting on the subway.  He is known as Brooklyn Boy Knits.   He breaks the stereotype of knitters as grandmothers in rocking chairs.  His photo and video went viral. Supporters and encouragers have multiplied from all parts of the globe. People are cheering him on as he is recognized for much more than just his knitting. His charity and community work is inspiring and he works hard to bring knitting, as part of the curriculum, to city schools. He was on stage in January at Vogue Knitting Live 2019 in NYC.   Check him out on Instagram @brooklynboyknits.

And now you know, in case you didn’t before- Men Knit!  Go Louis!

Enamel pin logo by graphic designer Moses Ruperto

Brooklyn Boy Knits    Is Louis Boria- Here is what he says

” Sometimes your passion creates a purpose and the rest is history.”

“In November 2017, singer/Broadway actress Frenchie Davis snapped a photo of me while knitting on a NYC Subway train. She then posted that photo on social media, and since then, my life has changed. You never know who’s watching! Thank you Frenchie and all those who have showed me love and support throughout the world. Here’s a glimpse into my journey.”

15 thoughts on “My Brooklyn Boy Knits Pin Arrived in the Mail Today

  1. I’m trying to think of any males in my life that would knit. My older son (middle child) took sewing in high school. Maybe he would give it a try in the free time he doesn’t have.

  2. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story that, yes, males can knit also. This reminds me of the 11-year-old boy from La Crosse, Wisconsin, who crochets. He’s now struck a book deal. Similar generosity in spirit.

  3. During WWII (yes I can remember that!) my father knit scarves or hats for the soldiers. My son whose wife is an avid (an understatement!) knitter has done some knitting and every boy and girl kid In the extended family has tried at least the spool knitting.

    • Thanks Linda. My dad could knit. His mother taught me. They knit cause they needed garments, socks and gloves.

    • You just needed a good coach! Some of my male students, high school included, were the best knitters. Seriously. Thanks Peter.

  4. Thank you all for your comments. Ruth… Thank you for the love and support you have shown me. It means a lot to me. Bringing the Fiber Arts to schools has been my focus the past year, but I couldn’t do this without the help of so many volunteers (both knitters and crocheters) who have given their time to help teach these students how to knit and crochet. So a special Thank you to all you volunteers.

    Louis Boria
    Brooklyn Boy Knits

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