3500th Blog Post Today

3500th Blog Post Today

Thank you readers and followers and fellow bloggers for hanging in there with me all these years.

I appreciate your looking at the photos (hopefully right side up), clicking the like button and writing comments when you can, even when it’s been a hassle.

Wednesday afternoon view from the Heinz History Center.

It’s Spring Break at Grandma’s House for three of the grandkids.

I am fortunate to live in a city with so much to offer. 

22 thoughts on “3500th Blog Post Today

    • I believe the 3500 is for this blog alone. You are referring to Keep or Pitch blog or the Cardboard Travels with Flat Ruthie? That would increase the number of posts if I added them. I started a recipes one too which didn’t make a go of it. Ideas in the night but sparse on follow through. Thanks Yvette.

      • Oh so three other blogs? Yeah –
        That adds to the number.
        And that is part of the creative process to start and see what grows eh?

  1. First – I’ve always told you that I get so little relevant email that your blog post email is very important to me. Keeps me connected to you even when I’m traveling. Second – I haven’t been to the high story center in a while. I’ll have to check it out!

    • Thank you for you effusive compliment on the milestone, Stef. Talk about marking time. It’s a bit nuts, too, I think 😀

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