Headed to the Car Last Saturday

A Six Word Saturday. From Columbus Ohio

Leaving the Franklin Park Conservancy last Saturday afternoon after a nice lunch at the Cafe of macaroni and cheese or the grilled cheese sandwich. See the next photo

We saw Mark the Bugman http://www.bugs.org/ who offered some worms sautéed in olive oil. I couldn’t hear the species as there was a lot of excitement and noise from all the children attending the presentation. I spoke with a mom who said she tasted the olive oil primarily. I thought I should sample one but just couldn’t. Help yourself.

Showing off the giant egg sac of the Praying Mantis.


8 thoughts on “Headed to the Car Last Saturday

  1. Another fun adventure. The audience looks like they are in their element. I, too, would curl up my nose at eating the worms.

  2. With food shortages on the horizon we must be ready to eat worms and insects. So they say. But it is not for me. Thanks for the report! I bet the kids were all excited about the visit to the conservatory, Ruth.

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