Universal Remedy

Universal remedy. Hot soup.

(or a different soup recipe if Veg or GF)

My DIL made Chicken Soup in her Insta-Pot.

Under the weather? Feeling a chill? A little blue? Just hungry? Maybe you’re not even sure what ails you. Or you’re in the pink.

I heartily recommend a good bowl of hot soup.

22 thoughts on “Universal Remedy

  1. Mmm -I agree – cheers to soup – and to instapots- my spouse has been making bone broth in our instapot – takes 2 hours vs 2 days !
    Also – have you heard of the brothy or “umami” taste bud?
    Well it has to do with glutamate and broth and is part of the experience of sensations w/ eating certain foods – and I think it is another reason why soups are so amazing

    • At the Carnegie Science Center they had a very good presentation on taste including the umami of course. So interesting.

      • Oh I wish I could see that – I am still learning more about it myself – heard about for years and sorta knew –
        But now I am really grasping the way it connects to olfactory and other body connections

  2. Soup is the best! I just made 8 qts of southwest vegetable soup to share with friends who are struggling with family health issues. I’l deliver it with bread, brie, rosemary apple cake and sparkling water. One night they won’t have to think about shopping or cooking. I’m a good kid!

  3. I could eat soup every day during the fall and winter months and in early spring. I love a good bowl of homemade soup. Our bible study group prepared and served corn chowder and ham and bean soup after Lenten worship services on Wednesday. Proceeds of the free-will offering meal benefited a young family in need of monies to help pay medical expenses. Their son was born with breathing issues in February and rushed via ambulance to a Minneapolis hospital. He is home now and doing great. What a blessing to help this family.

    • What a lovely thing you all do to help one another. I’m glad he’s doing great. Thanks for sharing your soup story.

  4. I have not heard the phrase “In the pink” before – does that mean one is in good health?
    I do love a good bowl of soup every now and again.

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