Spring Hats Evoke Another Era to Me

When I was visiting the family in Ohio for an extended stay, one of the last days I was there we went to Von Maur, a lovely department store in Columbus at the Polaris Mall.

Maura and I saw all the elegant Spring/Easter hats on display.  She tried on a gray one that matched her Ohio State Swim shirt.  A gracious salesperson asked if we needed any help and of course, we did not. But she didn’t seem worried about trying on a hat.

(*see Men’s Hat Posts below the photos)

Growing up, almost all women in church wore hats.

.The Kentucky Derby, the first Saturday in May, is a place to wear a fashionable hat. Or a Derby party as you watch the race on TV.  You see Royal Wedding attendees sporting stylish hats.  I wish I’d looked inside the hats to see where they are made. Do you own a hat and on what occasion do you wear it?

Putting on a hat can change your whole persona, help you feel dressed to the nine.  The epitome of dressing up in style.

“To the nine” is an English idiom meaning “to perfection” or “to the highest degree” or to dress “buoyantly and high class”. In modern English usage, the phrase most commonly appears as “dressed to the nine” or “dressed up to the nine”.


*  And not to leave the men out of the hat post.

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11 thoughts on “Spring Hats Evoke Another Era to Me

  1. I absolutely love hats! I wear a hat every day to the stables to tend to my horses, helps keep sun out of my eyes. I always wear a hat when I walk. I have so many, to many to name!! -Diana ❤️

  2. I look silly in hats! Maybe my head is too small. But my granddaughter looks amazing in hats! I’ll try to send a picture.

    • You probably need a hat that fits your head, Sue. I’d love to see a photo of your granddaughter in a hat.

  3. We attended the Kentucky Derby twice while stationed at Fort Knox. Wore a hat both times. Have photos…….somewhere…..Now hats are required wear to stay out of the sun! Beautiful hats! Maura looks great!

    • That sounds like a fancy baby shower. Fun! What if you are invited to another Derby Party, Audrey? You might have to borrow it back!

  4. Maura is a good hat model. Living in Florida I own a “few” hats and inherited 7 visors from Mom. They are very well worn at this point- May- Sept. I rarely am hatless / without a visor.

  5. Hats like this remind me of Sunday church service at an AME church. I personally have never owned a fancy hat; only a few baseball caps, stocking caps, and hiking (sun) hats.

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