Bleecker Street Hat Shop

My grandfather wore hats. So did my dad.  My sons and son-in-law all enjoy wearing hats. My grandsons sport baseball caps.  My cousin Jim loves hats and I know my friend E’s husband collects them. I have purchased hats to cheer myself in winter. To provide shade in summer.

I walked by Goorin Bros. storefront on Monday and went in, learning that their first hat was sold off a horse cart in Pittsburgh PA in 1895 (according to the story on their website).  I live in Pittsburgh so this caught my attention. The woman behind the counter was coaxing a flattened straw hat back to life after a shot of steam. She showed me the old tractor seats that are now stools in the store.  I was waiting for my sister to complete some work and walking around the West Village, exploring.  The photo of the exterior on Monday had the cellar metal doors open so I went back Tuesday afternoon and took another. The door was open and there was a young man sporting a hat behind the counter.  I asked if I could take his photo and he said okay, (as  I’m sure tourists ask all the time)  So this is Ryan selling some very cool hats.  Jessica, I will photograph you next time!

The store interior. Check out the white tri-cornerd hat, although it seemed rounded corners so I am sure there is an official name for it.

 And they have a blog 

23 thoughts on “Bleecker Street Hat Shop

  1. Great story. Don just bought 2 hats in the past couple of months. Now he has 3 besides all of his ball caps. So I wonder where do I store them? When he took his newest one to Disney with him I wondered if one of the grandchildren would sit on it by mistake or it would get smashed some way in the car but it made back not getting looking brand new.

  2. I love hats on other people, not on me. One year I bought Hesh a downturned Fedora for Abraham Lincoln’s birthday (now that’s a story). His first, but he has bought others since.

  3. What fun it would be to go there and try on the hats! As soon as the temperature drops below 50 degrees, you’ll always see me wearing one. I love hats! Great post today!

  4. The way you photographed this hat shop makes it very inviting to enter. I love how he has the hats displayed. I like this way better than on those hat head displays.


  5. Beautiful, fun, interesting hats. I particularly enjoyed knowing your family loves hats. I think it brightens up a person, thus also the people around them. Wonderful post. Best wishes…

  6. Each shot is so special Ruth! Certainly one of my favorite groups of your photos. The young man shot pulls the shop into this century because honestly it could be 100 years ago. Just a note 3G Gallery has 3 new straw hats. Take a look on facebook will post them today.

  7. I want a hat Ruth… bring me a hat— okay the post will have to do. Really enjoyed the photos.Great shots.

  8. Hat wearing in our family ended with my maternal grandfather (my paternal grandfather wore a railroad cap [he was an engineer], but retired his hats when he retired from the RR).

    Sometimes I do think it would be cool to dress like a 1940s woman – complete with lovely hats…

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