The Persistence of Maple Seeds

You know the seeds I’m referring to- the ones like helicopters that twirl in the wind or if you peel the end you can stick it on the end of your nose.That is if the seed isn’t too dry already. There’s a bit of “sticky” to adhere to your skin. My grandson likes to pick them up off the sidewalk and hold them high, let them go and like a rotor they go round and round to the ground. The maple seeds are all over the city this time of year.

Last week on our walk around the neighborhood, we saw a lot of the seeds and quite a few tiny maple trees.  I told Charlie that wherever a seed lands in some dirt, it has a chance to grow into a tree.  I find these “volunteer” trees in my pachysandra ground cover and in other unexpected spots.  You have to pull them up and out before they get too deep.  And of course volunteer trees pop up from acorns and other seeds.  Right now I have a grove of young ailanthus trees in my back garden..And if you want to purposefully plant a maple tree from seed, click here for instructions.

Seed split open out of casing
Trees in a rock garden




8 thoughts on “The Persistence of Maple Seeds

  1. This post brings pleasant childhood memories. Like Charlie I enjoyed “twirling” the spinners.

  2. We have several maple trees in our yard. I know the persistence of the maple seeds. Thanks for the lovely photos showing the power of these seeds, Ruth!

    • Yes, you know what I am talking about Peter if you have several maples. Thanks for always leaving a good word for me to find.

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