Die_Wollnerin in Berlin Live Video

This afternoon at Die_Wollnerin, (That’s the name to follow on Instagram)local yarn store in Berlin, a cool duo were filming a live Instagram video. I was able to send the video to some knitting friends in the states while it was happening. It’s up for another 19 hours. Yes it’s in German but look at the gorgeous yarn.

Meet Sabine Bornemann, owner of the Yarn Store Die Wollnerin and fabulous hand dyer of lovely colorful yarn.  Every time I visit Berlin, I stop by to visit and buy yarn souvenirs.

Here are the Instagram Live Video creators Diana and Stefanie  so much fun to meet them and watch the action  https://feierabendfrickeleien.com/

for more info about their podcast 

Die_Woolnerin, a local yarn store in Berlin. there was an Instagram Live video recording happenings

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  1. So kind words Ruth, thank you therefore and even for these brilliant pictures you have taken. This article is amazing and I know this. I am glad that you inform people about my lys and that yarn let us come together in peace. All the best wishes to you Ruth❤️😊

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