Susan Middleman At Spinning Plate Gallery

Artist Susan Middleman’s paintings and collages on the last day of her show at Spinning Plate Gallery.

Bold, colorful, and alive is how I’d describe her paintings. The dancers look as if they could dance right off the wall.

Click here to see more  her work  – Art Gallery Show  and a photo of Susan with Carnegie Tech classsmate (1965)Joan Brindle 

follow her on Instagram @susan_middleman 


6 thoughts on “Susan Middleman At Spinning Plate Gallery

  1. thanks for bringing us to the art show via blog!
    i do like her colors and you are right –
    those dancers do seem like they are right there – about to spin or come a waltzing

    her body proportions are intentionally
    “off” – i assume – as part of her style – right? so that was fresh even if not what i prefer
    some of her elongating reminded me
    Modigliani – her couch scenes had a Matisse feel – and then some of her work has a flat feel – folk artsy – maybe like Rousseau and others.

    and again – i really feel
    like i was at the show a little bit – thanks

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