Eighty Years Ago


This morning, when I heard today’s date, I realized it was on this day, eighty years ago, that my parents married. (Well I had a bit of help as my friend counted the decades by tens.)Although they passed away in 2000 and 2002 I was thinking about their wedding day all those years ago.

Durand Illinois. August 28, 1939. Not sure who took this home movie but here are a few shots from the screen. Roy Joseph Hendricks and Marian Van Sickle and family members in photos below.

19 thoughts on “Eighty Years Ago

  1. wow – wo nice to have the pics/movie – and the post brought a smile – weddings do that – eh?
    and it was nice to see wedding photos from hat time period – and they seem so joyful –

  2. Such a happy day! They were so young and full of joy and promise. How lovely it is to have these precious photos.

  3. I felt so lucky to have known your dad! I love those old photos of their wedding! Didn’t realize how much you look like your mom.

  4. Wow – those are amazing! They looked so happy. I definitely see a family resemblance.

  5. A home movie from 1939 is a very special find! I love how animated they are in it – gives a much better sense of them as vibrant young people.

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