Celebrating a Special Birthday

Happy 16th Birthday Dear Anna,

I remember that early October morning, looking out the hospital window and watching the sun come up.  The day you were born.   I went to school and was so excited your arrival had made me a grandmother.  Everyone was happy for me at school. 

Good luck on your driving test.  You will do great I know.

2003 seems just a moment ago and now you’re becoming so grown up.  Proud of you and all you accomplish. I wish you every happiness, always. 

Love, FF Ruthie

Pretending to drive in Florida, before you were even two.
Taken just before school Monday morning 10/7/2019


8 thoughts on “Celebrating a Special Birthday

  1. I remember that day also. You were so excited and we were excited for you. Happy birthday Anna!

  2. Happy Birthday, Dearest Anna! I hope you have the happiest of days and an exciting year to come. Sending hugs and kisses from Pittsburgh on your special day. Happy Sweet 16. XXOO

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