Liver and Onions Yes or No?

When I go out to eat I like to order something I don’t prepare at home.  But I won’t be ordering the Liver & Onions.

It’s a NO for me but when my sister comes to visit and we are across the river at the Grant Bar it’s what she orders.  This photo is the Oakdale Diner in Oakdale PA.  Their fancy electronic sign keeps changing. I waited until the Liver & Onions in lights flashed back on.

I’ve asked you about flavors and tastes before, food preferences. So which is it? Liver and Onions  Yes or No?

Liver & Onions? Yes or No?


11 thoughts on “Liver and Onions Yes or No?

  1. I won’t eat liver and onions, neither at home nor in a restaurant. But Liver and Onions may serve something else. Have a great weekend, Ruth!

  2. Even before I stopped eating meat there was NO WAY I would eat liver & onions! Ever! Is that clear enough? Yuck!

  3. Yes. I grate a little orange peel on it and use white wine to deglaze the pan. Mmmm.

  4. No! No! No! No! It tasted like dirt when my mother mixed it in my mashed potatoes. No! No! No! No!

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