The Tulip Tree Out Front

The Tulip Tree out front was slow to change color this year. Liriodendron is in the Magnolia family

l’m told they grow up to sixty feet tall, which I probably won’t see, but it’s a lovely tree.

I lost my 90+ year old Sycamore in 2002. I’d gotten a second opinion that it had to be taken down. a living thing that had come to the end of its life.  I filled out a request for a new tree  and the city planted this one.

It’s growing straight up it seems to me.  The sky was blue today and made a perfect backdrop for the changing leaves.

The tree today

The tree on Tuesday

Lovely shaped leaves two weeks ago.



8 thoughts on “The Tulip Tree Out Front

  1. Here in the FL panhandle the ‘ tulip trees’ have beautiful tulip shaped buds in early spring. I wonder if this is the same family ?

  2. I’ve never heard of a tulip tree. But it’s lovely as are the other trees, and the houses, in your neighborhood. Leaves are mostly off trees here in Minnesota with snow layering the ground and the temp in the 20s.

  3. Beautiful – my father had the city plant the tree in front of my house, but it keeps lifting the cement. But I love it.

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