Built in 1900 But Looking Brand New

People at Work. Hard work.

NIcholas Karam leads the team at Karam Restoration of Natrona Heights. They can definitely take pride in their excellent work.

You can see from the photo below how  bright and clean looking the brick is now that it’s been restored and new mortar has been put in. They are good at Brick Pointing for sure.

They would arrive before the sun was up and worked in cold temperatures, long dark days.

Today they came and took all the equipment and cleaned up the place. Rinsed the brick again.   It’s a pleasure to pull up to the house and see it looking rejuvenated.  Plus the porch roof won’t fall down from the missing mortar in the columns. I was thinking the house was built in 1920 but went and looked again and it says 1900.

(Now if only my carpenter would finish the wood that needs to be replaced)

Thanks to Nick and the team for a job well done.  See below for the Before and After comparison photographs
Before photo/

Our first photo was four members of the team

15 thoughts on “Built in 1900 But Looking Brand New

  1. These guys did a great job. Got to love our homes. Somehow they personify pride when we help them avoid disrepair.

  2. Beautiful, Ruth! Maybe when I am out on an appointment, I can ask my ride to do a drive-by
    so I can see it LIVE!!! It must be a satisfying “repair!!”” XOXO

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