One Week to Go – an inch of ribbing and two sleeves

One week to go in the NaKniSweMo challenge. Sponsored by McWalker Yarns of Millvale PA.

At least 50,000 stitches total in your completed sweater-  Bound off, blocked, all ends woven in. Cast on was November first to be finished by midnight November 30th. The sweater party will be held at McWalker Yarns Saturday December 7th at 2PM.

You can check out last year’s sweater fashion show here 

I’m a little behind this year. A lot behind.

An inch of ribbing and two sleeves. My arms are pretty long. I’d better stop blogging and knit.

With houseguests, touring the city and travel to Ohio I didn’t knit the past five days.   Uh-oh.

Rhubarb colorway of Winterburn Yarn by Baa Ram Ewe spun and dyed in Yorkshire. The pattern is Purl Code Sweater by favorite knitwear designer Isabell Kraemer.

I’ve knit lots of words into my sweater using  Morse Code alphabet.

No names of aristocrats for the guillotine, as the memorable character Madame DeFarge knits in Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities. We had to read it in high school but fifty years later I still remember.

The knitted messages I knit into the sweater are the people I love, place names, favorite lyrics and favorite books from childhood.

All you need is love.

11 thoughts on “One Week to Go – an inch of ribbing and two sleeves

  1. Good luck with your deadline, but the important thing is your beautiful sweater. Love the Morse code details!

  2. I think knitting is in and of itself a challenge; to add Morse code into the mix even more so! I’m very proud of you and your beautiful works.

  3. What a delightful entry!!!!! LOVE your yarn color and Company who make it: BAA RAM EWE from BABE! One of my
    favorite movies ever! And Morse Code knit into the sweater….. no end of wonders!!!!! Have fun at the Party
    on DEc 7th. I know you’ll finish!!!!!! XOXO

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