My Father’s Family – Throwback Thursday

My son Mark was in town for business and we looked at an old photo album he hadn’t seen before. You want your offspring to know who has gone before. Already there are faces in the album for whom I have no names.

But here are my father Roy and his siblings and parents.  To see and older photo of the family you can click this blog post Heritage 

Shirley and Harold “Butch” 
Alan and Roy (my Dad born 1912)
My paternal grandparents Mary Alta and Floyd She taught me to knit when I was four


6 thoughts on “My Father’s Family – Throwback Thursday

  1. We always enjoy seeing the photos from your albums. You are wise to keep your photos and share them. We can never know enough about our familes. Plus, wasn’t it fun to sit with Mark and share the photos and memories? We know he interested in his heritage.

  2. The photos are a true treasure, which you can be proud of and cherish for as long as you live. Excellent portraits of your father’s family, Ruth!

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