Red Shouldered Hawk Niceville FL Guest Blog

This is a regular visitor to the local McDonalds.  It was on the ground eating the remains of the meat in a discarded sandwich in the parking lot with several large, black crows around, cawing angrily, but . . . not getting too close.   The crows would hop closer and the hawk would turn it’s head to look at them and they’d quickly back up.  It was fascinating to watch.  Once finished with the meat in the sandwich it flew to the top of this post where I finally thought to snap a pic or two.  As best as I can tell on-line, it’s a Red Shouldered Hawk.   -Shuey

Photographed by Shuey in Niceville FL


Shuey’s most viewed  Guest Post was the regal Barred Owl in 2012  the Blue Jerk  was another   Thanks for the wonderful contributions.


6 thoughts on “Red Shouldered Hawk Niceville FL Guest Blog

  1. A beautiful bird. There are times when there are thousands of crows in the trees in Highland Park.The same at St..Mary’s/Allegheny Cemeteries. I do not know why. I have not seen it often. This hawk and the crows must be used to each other. I have seen crows gang up on a hawk and chase it from tree to tree. I have also seen a hawk snatch a crow out of the air and take it to a tree to feast.

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